Key features and benefits

Key features and benefits

Advantages of using the VinPOWER Image Library

VinPOWER Image Library provides:
– Fast vehicles image files retrieval
– Meaningful file names specifying vehicle view and picture parameters such as resolution, background, transparency
– 8 Plus years of vehicle image coverage (starting from 2000 to present day).
– Save time and money

To whom VinPOWER is addressed

The VinPOWER Image Library is addressed to automotive market segments who not only wish to add a “cool” factor to their product offerings but it also assists towing, shipping, law enforcement, parking garages, repossession, repair shops, window glass installers, insurance adjusters, and other segments who need a visual image representation of a particular vehicle.

Results provided by VinPOWER

A standard vehicle image directory will contain multiple files for specific vehicle. Variation includes:

– Image resolution size
– Transparency
– Vehicle view (WYSIWYG)
– Background Shadow

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