VinPOWER Squish VIN Flat Data Tables

VinPOWER Squished VIN Data is a flat data text file which includes a VIN character length of the first 10 or 11 digits of the VIN. Positions 12-17 of the VIN are not present. Please visit our download page for actual data samples.

VinPOWER Squish VIN is designed for any Operating System for developers utilizing any programming technology.

We offer the most comprehensive database of vehicles such as passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, heavy trucks, trailers, motorcycles, heavy equipment and other on road vehicle types sold in North American.

Each record contains a UVID and a VIN Prefix (Squished VIN) plus associated data attributes along with the UVID and the Squished VIN. The data associated to the Squish VIN is derived directly from the core VinPOWER database.

1. UVID (ESP Data “Unique Vehicle IDentification” – Numeric Number Identifier ID)
2. VIN Prefix
3. Model-Year
4. Make
5. Model
6. Trim-Level
7. Body-Type
8. Engine-Type
9. Vehicle-Type

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