Core Products

VIN decoders assist companies in the automotive industry to help verify, analyze, research, and normalize the information contained in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). We cover the US and Canada with our Vin decoding solutions.

ESP Data Solutions, Inc offers many Vin products and services. The word Decoder is somewhat misleading to those looking for a VIN solution. The only way you can process the Decoding Vin depends on if the seller of the VIN product has the actual specification sheets from the manufacturers. ESP Data Solutions has compiled every actual VIN sheet from all relevant automotive manufactures dating back to 1981. That’s over 30 years of VIN data. Whether you need to decode Passenger Vehicles, or Heavy Trucks, or Motorcycles, or Buses, or RV’s, or Trailers, and others you came to the right place.

VinPOWER™ is a product line software that’s utilizes the latest technologies such as .NET and JAVA. You may license this Vin software code from us and install it locally on your server. We offer affordable, fair, competitive, commercial and noncommercial licenses. We also have lists of Makes, Models and Vin related data attribute fields. The innovation behind VinPOWER™ is that it covers every automotive industry and assists hard core production environments or single user interfaces. The data accuracy and consistency is the corner stone for our VIN validation, decoding and normalization of valued assets. Our suite of products can be deployed off the shelf or can be customized to fit your exact needs. Contact

VinLink™ is a web based VIN service. This can be accessed by single users with no programming knowledge or this can be accessed by developers through our Vin XML decoder web portal. Contact

We assist federal, state and local governments, transportation, part catalogs, AAIA, F&I, EPA, Mobile 6, auctions, salvage yards, repair shops, car dealers, warranty, fleet, titling, inspection, maintenance, engineering, web portals, and many others with our Vin decoder. We can also do VIN batch decoding custom VIN mapping. Contact

We took the mystery out of VIN validation and VIN decoding. For the past 15 plus years ESP Data Solutions, Inc continues to provide the most comprehensive, up to date, flexible VIN decoder on the market. Our costs are less so we can sell for less.

Basic Module = Passenger cars, light trucks, (under 10,000 Gross GVW), over 50 manufactures covered.

Heavy Truck Module, over 42 manufacturers covered.

Motorcycles, over 812 manufactures covered.

Trailers, over 2,500 manufacturers covered.

RV’s, over 14 manufacturers covered.