VIN research tool, custom attribute mapping

Partial VIN lookup data file.

SquishVIN is not a VIN decoder but is useful for VIN research, mapping custom attributes, or as a partial VIN lookup. Moreover, it is mathematically impossible to reverse engineer a SquishVIN. As a result, the “only” way to have one is by having resources to collect, quality control, and catalog those unique SquishVINs. At this time, ESP Data Solutions has been collecting, cataloging and performing quality control checks on VINs for over 25 years, and we have the most raw VIN data on the market. Furthermore, ESP Data Solutions, Inc has collected and cataloged over 50,000 original OEM VIN data sheets dating back to 1981 assuring our data is accurate and verified.

This VIN solution is a data file that includes at least the first 10 characters of a unique VIN structure and associated VIN data attributes. For certain manufacturers in particular, we can do the first 14. Also, SquishVIN is designed for developers utilizing any programming technology or operating system. Each unique VIN structure is first, quality controlled for validity and then, given a unique ESP UVID (“Unique Vehicle Identification” number), making custom VIN data mapping simple, accurate, and efficient.

For this purpose, all VINs are compliant with ISO-3779 and NHTSA Title 49 authorization. We are consistently updating our data base to provide the most accurate VIN information on the market, and additionally providing weekly updates for all our clients.

How SquishVIN Works

Specifically, each contains a UVID and a VIN Prefix (Squished VIN) plus associated data attributes. Provided in a variety of formats, with custom data mapping available, SqiushVIN makes it simple to look at trends in vehicle information and perform basic VIN research. In this situation, the data associated with the Squish VIN comes directly from the VinPOWER database.

1. UVID (ESP Data “Unique Vehicle IDentification” – Numeric Number Identifier ID)
2. VIN Prefix
3. Model-Year
4. Make
5. Model
6. Trim-Level
7. Body-Type
8. Engine-Type
9. Vehicle-Type