HTTP VIN Decoding- Programmers Details

Below are examples of basic code demos for various platforms and programming languages.

VinLiNK™ is for HTTP VIN decoding from any operating system, including UNIX (LINUX), MAC OS, MS Windows Operating System, MS Pocket PC.

Following a simple HTTP protocol, a programmer, can request and receive a decoded report with a standardized XML format. Furthermore, VinLink integrates within any project and provides the functionality of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder with concurrent validation and verification. Additionally, enhanced equipment information is available in enhanced vehicle reports.

In short, VinLiNK offers a Vin Decoder API, a programmatic interface that allows any internet-connected application to grab vehicle information data instantly and safely. We provide these interfaces in multiple program languages including but not limited to: C#/ VB.NET, Java, Python and PHP. For more information on what we offer for programming languages and VinLink please email

Want to understand how we decode a VIN? We provide sample implementations using the following programming languages: Java, Python and PHP.

PHP – Webmaster’s choice

VinLINK service is used in a lot of PHP based websites. Let us show how to build a simple functional vin decoder in PHP.

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Java – Enterprise Solutions and Web

Java is the language of choice for enterprise solutions. There are numerous tools built in Java such as simple workflows used by car insurance agents, or sophisticated business processes managed in bank environments. With the advent of Spring, it is frequently used for micro-services and cloud applications.

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Python – Data Processing and Automation

Python is a scripting language that evolved into data processing and automation tool powering a lot of websites. This is an example code using VinLINK Cloud API reports.

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