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One of the largest markets associated with automobiles is the repair and parts aftermarket. The motor vehicle aftermarket is a significant sector of the U.S. economy employing approximately 4.5 million people. This industry encompasses all products and services purchased for light and heavy-duty vehicles after the original sale including replacement parts, accessories, lubricants, appearance products, service repairs as well as the tools and equipment necessary to make the repair. Overall aftermarket sales increased in 2007 to $285.5 billion, an increase of 4.0 percent from 2006. Sales in the automotive aftermarket (cars and light trucks) totaled $211.4 billion and sales in the heavy-duty vehicle aftermarket totaled $74.1 billion.

No wonder VIN validation and data normalcy is paramount in these market segments. For so many years after the VIN was standardized in 1981 not a lot of people saw the value. Over the past 10 years, the picture has become more in focus on what the VIN can do for the repair and parts aftermarket. Parts numbers are now being mapped in direct coalition to the VIN rather than by Year-Make-Model-Engine. The old method has proved to be plagued with in accuracies.

VinPOWER has risen to the cause by becoming an associate member of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association back in 2003. This alliance with AAIA has empowered VinPOWER to meet the needs of accurate part identification via the VIN with such companies such as  Jasper Engines, K&N filters to name a few.