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VinLink API

VinLink cloud API is a quick route to integrate vin decoding capabilities into your products.

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VinPOWER series

VinPOWER is a series of software decoding libraries and data that you can directly integrate with your products.

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Squish VIN and YMMT

If you just need coarse data for custom mapping or your own data lake import.

* The picture above is just a visualisation, not real data.

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VIN Solutions for IT Professionals

ESP Data provides VIN decoding tools, software libraries, and extensive databases for building car related software and developing IT solutions requiring access to extensive car knowledge.

Are you a software developer? Do you work with automotive databases?

How do you want to process car information?

Would you like to talk to our agent about your specific needs? Do you like to hear more about APIs, databases, operating platforms?

Local data
Using local database
Cloud API
Frequently updated data through API
Local API
Fast on-premise data with local API
Custom integration or data required

Our process

Data Acquisition

We gather our information from various sources like NHTSA documents and web auctions.

We collect the data in our databases, validate them against each other, then redistribute it to our partners. This tedious and lengthy process often requires working with unstructured text documents done by a skilled data team.

The key benefit of this process is fresh and verified data used in other products.

Data redistribution

The data in our database is fed into a range of products:

Vinpower Series

Data integrated software libraries for .NET and JVM allowing you to decode VINs “on-premises” using programming languages and operating platforms of your choice.

Provides structured, up-to-date reports on VIN based queries. Uses industry standards like XML and SOAP.

Special tools

We provide special tools and data formats

Squish VIN tables

Tables keyed by VIN prefixes with basic information like year, make, model, trim, etc.

YMMT tables

Basic attribute tables used for custom data processing and mapping.

VIN Generator

A reverse process tool to generate sample VIN numbers. Useful for automatic testing.