Licensing VinLINK Service has a flexible licensing based on the VIN decoding volume. Contact sales department for more specific information and custom licensing.

Implementation procedure

VinLINK can be implemented into many languages such:

  • MS Visual basic 6
  • MS Visual C++ 6
  • MS FoxPro
  • ASP
  • MS .NET
  • Delphi 5
  • PHP
  • Perl

Implementation steps include: The VinLINK system is a standard HTTP POST protocol.

  • Open TCP/IP connection to VinLINK server.
  • Send request formatted as an HTTP POST (RFC 2616, see
    (for example: )
  • The VinLINK server will access vehicle data, format it as XML, output the information through the same TCP/IP connection and close the connection.
    The information is sent as a standard HTTP reply, with content set to “text/xml”.
  • Reads the information and close your side of the TCP/IP connection.

Updates procedure

Since VinLINK Service is residing on ESP Data Solutions Server, the end user does not need to perform any updates. It has been taken care directly on our server providing our users the latest data available.

Price Information

Price vary based on a licensing policy. Contact our sales department for a quote.