VinPOWER Squish VIN provides the following optional Vehicle Modules Licenses:

– BASIC includes:
– Passenger cars
– Light Trucks (Up to and through Class 3)
– Mini Vans
– SUVs
– Vans

– MOTORCYCLE includes:
– motorcycles
– ATV’s

– HEAVY TRUCK (Class 4 and up) includes:
– Heavy Trucks
– Delivery Trucks
– Busses

– RV’s includes:
– Recreational vehicles

– TRAILERS includes:
– Trailers

VinPOWER Squish VIN has flexible licensing based on the VIN decoding volume for noncommercial applications or quantity of desktops or users for commercial applications. Contact our sales department ( for more information and custom licensing.

Implementation procedure

VinPOWER Squished VIN Data can be utilized in variety of ways. The nature of an open text file allows developers and users to see the data without any restrictions.

VinPOWER Squish VIN Data contains selected fields of decoded information for a specific SQUISHED VIN (VIN PREFIX) in a TAB delimited text file. The VinPOWER Squished VIN Data Text file can be easily imported to any database.

The VIN look-up can be utilized by simply searching the data for matching Squished VIN (VIN Prefix) as shown below.

Squished VIN (VIN Prefix) is a substring generated from a standard 17 characters Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
VIN Prefix contain minimum of 10 or 11 (or in some rare cases even 14 characters for VINs with 3rd character “9”).

Updates procedure

VinPOWER Database is continuously being updated. Weekly updates are available and can be downloaded from the web site or a secure ftp connection. Because the database size is so small we do not issue incremental updates but rather release the entire database file(s).