VinPOWER VIN Decoder – Java

VinPOWER for Java was designed for Unix or Windows developers utilizing Java technology. It can be simply integrated within almost any development project and provides functionality of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder with VIN validation and verification. Please visit our download page for actual code samples.

VinPOWER for Java incorporates a state of the art VIN decoder algorithm technology developed within ESP Data Solutions leading and most comprehensive database of vehicles such as passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, heavy trucks, trailers, motorcycles, heavy equipment and other on road vehicle types sold in North America.

VinPOWER for Java tool is integrated with your project as a standard Java Class Object.

VinPOWER for Java Library is optimized for multithread (thread safe) heavy load processing with linear response time to request numbers up to more than 2000 threads. VinPOWER for Java decoding performance is very high due to utilization of highly sophisticated data access procedures.

VinPOWER for Java application utilizes VinDecoder functionality using a simple set of VinPOWER Classes that are built in 3 parts:

– Java standard library
– command line interface
– web decoding interface (socket server)

VinPOWER for Java can be deployed on MS Windows, Linux OS, AIX OS, Solaris and other Unix OS (even on mainframes running Linux OS including zSeries and S/390).

VinPOWER for Java returns decoded results in many ways including:
– Standard XML formatted string
– A specific VinPOWER Key (using single key retrieve method)