VinPOWER for Java provides the following optional Vehicle Modules Licenses:

– BASIC includes:
– Passenger cars
– Light Trucks (Up to and through Class 3)
– Mini Vans
– SUVs
– Vans

– MOTORCYCLE includes:
– motorcycles
– ATV’s

– HEAVY TRUCK (Class 4 and up) includes:
– Heavy Trucks
– Delivery Trucks
– Busses

– RV’s includes:
– Recreational vehicles

– TRAILERS includes:
– Trailers

VinPOWER for Java has flexible licensing based on the VIN decoding volume for noncommercial applications or quantity of desktops or users for commercial applications. Contact our sales department ( for more specific information and custom licensing.

Update procedure

The VinPOWER for Java database is continuously being updated. Weekly updates are available and can be downloaded from the web site or a secure ftp connection. Because the database size is so small we do not issue incremental updates but rather release the entire database file(s).