EPA announces strictest vehicle emissions standards ever.

The new EPA standards will require automakers to further reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and will result in a cumulative 28% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks over the next four years. The EPA estimates that through 2050, the U.S. will avoid more than 3 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

The latest guidelines will also increase fleet-wide fuel efficiency standards to an average of 40-miles-per-gallon by 2026. Higher, fuel-efficient cars mean drivers can expect to save anywhere from $210 billion to $420 billion on gas through 2050, according to the EPA.

The latest standards from the EPA reverses Trump-era policies that relaxed such requirements. The new guidelines are the most ambitious vehicle emissions standards for greenhouse gasses ever established for light duty vehicles in the United States.

The EPA believes automakers can comply with these rigorous standards by increasing the number of zero-emissions vehicles brought to market. Based on current projections, zero-emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles will go from 7% market share in 2023 to 17% in 2026.

Two automakers, Ford, and GM are supportive of the new standards and say they will continue to make investments in electric vehicle technology.

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