ESP Data Solutions - VIN Solutions for The Automotive Industry

Choose two decades of experience

ESP Data Solutions was founded 20 years ago and in 1996 our products hit the market. Then we started collecting the data and learning our customers' needs. Since then our database covers literally millions of car configurations!

Vinpower your business

With VinPOWER software you can asses automotive data to run your business. No matter if it's fleet managment, car dealership, insurance, repair services or part delivery. It provides you with unique information about specific car configurations identified by vin numbers or year/make/model/trim data.

Demand your data

ESP Data Solutions can offer you knowledge in different packages. As decoding webservices, software libraries, databases, and ready to use software. Our data centers, in US and Europe, are ready to build custom mapped data, according to your needs. On demand!

Same knowledge - varying tools

I prefer Vinpower

We build a CRM application for car dealers. Our app needs to turn VINs into sales data. We have chosen Vinpower because we could embed it into our application package.

I use VinLINK

We create a website for insurance companies. We enable them to asses the risk and to estimate value. We decided to connect to the VinLINK webservice, and since then our data is always fresh and easy to reach.

We order custom datasets

We provide car services with helper applications to find OEM parts for cars. Our software gets detailed information because we embedded a custom built database, which is constantly updated by ESP Data Solutions.

Major Industries



Government entities utilize VinPOWER to accurately decode the VIN of a specific vehicle type


Finance companies use Vinpower for car valuation, data validation and normalization.


Insurance agent's car damage evaluation is greatly simplified thanks to using ESP Data Solutions Inc. products.


Thanks to ESP Data software the Shipping, Towing and Transportation companies are able to estimate their loads versus their capabilities, which are key factors leading to efficiency.
Parts & Repairs

Parts & Repairs

By using our software, parts dealers and repeair shops are able to obtain full knowledge about individual car with no hassle.
Fleet management

Fleet management

ESP Data Software have helped numerous fleet managing companies to leverage their knowledge about their fleet to a higher level.

Mature software from a mature company

Through 20 years Esp Data Solutions inc has proven to be a mature company. See our timeline.

VIN Decoder and Dealer Management Software development started
ESP Data Solutions Incorporated

Dealer ’97 Inventory & Sales Software published

Vision Visual Data & Pictures Software released

VinDecoder released

VinPower ActiveX DLL SDK kit released


PoliceBook - MA state required inventory software approved and released


merger with DealerSolutions

AutoUse2000 - F&I Software released


Dealer2000 vehicle inventory management and sales system released


VINPower Java SDK version introduced


VINLink Web Service extensive VIN data provider offering online access

Mobile6 an EPA Emission Inventory Preparation data incorporated into VIN Decoder (VINPower)


Weekly Updates data distributed to customers

VinPower for PDA reduced footprint decoder


AAIA data mapping

NAPA data mapping

VINPower .NET DLL developer SDK


UVIDB extend specification database

VINStick initiated


VINStick stick based VIN Decoder


NCIC mapping


VIN Generator


Vehicle ImageLib