Key features and benefits

Key features and benefits

Advantages of using this VinPOWER Squished VIN Data set

– Ability to do fast VIN look-ups by utilizing a simple string matching query
– With the combination of our UVID and Squish VIN the ability to custom map external data points is simplified
– Database normalization and unification
– 27 Plus years of VIN coverage (starting from 1981 to present day).
– Save time and money

To whom VinPOWER Squished VIN Data is addressed

VinPOWER can provide valuable cost savings to your company by reducing errors from other 2nd or 3rd party consumers or vendors while normalizing and enhancing the VIN data output. VinPOWER is used by vehicle manufacturers, financial and insurance institutions, shipping and towing providers, auto auctions, government agencies, parts aftermarket, vehicle sales, and numerous other vehicle related industry markets and professionals. VinPOWER Squished VIN flat data files can be easily imported into an existing database without any programming skills.

Results provided by VinPOWER

VinPOWER Squished VIN Data set uses the same database as other VinPOWER products. The database contains data of vehicles since 1981 until present. Data is provided in the following categories:

– Standard Basic
– Optional Custom (Car, VAN, Light Truck, SUV, Heavy Trucks, Motorcycles, RV’s, Trailers)
– Optional Enhanced (Car, VAN, Light Truck, SUV)