How to find out if your car has been recalled?

In the second half of April 2018, Audi recalled 1.16 mln vehicles all over the world. The recall has been conducted concerning issues with a coolant pump. Read more here.

When a car is recalled, it means the producer has discovered some weak areas in the mechanism and is going to fix them for free. In the Audi case, the coolant pumps will be replaced as soon as parts are available.

It is imperative to be aware of this practice. The fact that your car is being recalled can explain, for example, why you are having some particular issues with your car. It also means, that if you contact your official dealer, the problem will be repaired, no charge.

However, some car dealers and especially secondary market dealers do not inform their clients about the recalls. If you have bought a second-hand car, it may have a critical issue which could be fixed by the producer. But if you do not know that your car has been recalled and why, you run the risk of it breaking down.

Vinlink recall report – a tool to help you check your car’s recall history

There is a tool to help you monitor your car’s recall history. Vinlink will give you a full recall report – and the only thing you need to do is provide your car’s VIN. It is a sticker with a series of 17 letters and numbers which you can find in the corner of the dashboard and the windshield on the driver’s side. VIN can also be found on your insurance card and your car title.

When you enter your VIN into Vinlink online, you will get your car’s recall history. You will be able to see whether there are any factory issues with your car and whether any repairs have been made.