Demand your data

ESP Data Solutions can offer you knowledge in different packages. As decoding webservices, software libraries, databases, and ready to use software. Our data centers, in US and Europe, are ready to build custom mapped data, according to your needs. On demand!

VinPOWER your business

With VinPOWER software you can assess automotive data to run your business. No matter if it’s fleet managment, car dealership, insurance, repair services or part delivery. It provides you with unique information about specific car configurations identified by vin numbers or year/make/model/trim data.

Choose two decades of experience

ESP Data Solutions was founded 25 years ago and in 1996 our products hit the market. Then we started collecting the data and learning our customers’ needs. Since then our database covers literally millions of car configurations!

Faulty Takata Air Bags Still in Use! Run VIN Decoder to Check Your Car

CNBC reports that still too few cars with lethal Takata airbags have been returned for recall. The issue concerns 2006 Ford Rangers and Mazda B-Series Trucks. The Takata airbags installed in these cars contain chemicals which can explode with dangerous force. According to CNBC, over 50 million of Takata airbags have been recalled in the …

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