Tesla 3 Production Still Short of Target

Elon Musk’s problems continue. As Forbes reports, Tesla still struggles to reach its weekly production goals and Elon Musk gives vague or bizarre explanations, Tesla’s share prices are dropping again. On May 11, 2018, the price has fallen below the mark of $300.

The noble and ambitious goal of making Tesla 3 a mass-produced, widely available electric car seems to still be quite far from completion. Even though Tesla has ensured its shareholders that it is expecting to meet the initial goal of producing 5,000 vehicles a week in two months’ time, it cannot reach its adjusted goal of producing just 2,500 Tesla Model 3s a week.

Tesla has little experience with mass-producing cars and hence the problem. One of the most substantial obstacles was the production of batteries, now apparently overcome. And the competition is quick to catch up with more companies intending to mass-produce electric cars.

The hold-up is growing, with over 500,000 customers still waiting for enough vehicles to be available. But where Tesla is late with delivery, ESP Data Solutions, Inc. is right on time.

The company’s database includes data of all Tesla vehicles that have been produced  – even those still warm and fresh off the production line. The data is continuously updated, not only with information regarding classic cars – but also with data of all electric cars, for example, Tesla, BMW iSeries, Sparks, Zoe, or Fiat 500e.

ESP Data Solutions, Inc. offers VIN decoding services which are accurate and fast due to the ever growing database. The VIN decoder allows you to see all necessary details about a car – its place and exact date of production, its history regarding accidents and recalls, and much more.